Good cod.

Collaskins Pet Treats will keep you and your pet happy.  Delicious Taste, Unbeatable Benefits!

Cod Collaskins

Collaskins Premium Cod Skin Pet Treats – hand-rolled and cut to perfection.  Made exclusively from 100% wild-caught Newfoundland cod, our treats contain no added salts, fillers, or preservatives, ensuring the purest and healthiest experience for your furry loved ones.

100% Newfoundland.

100% Natural.

Allow your pets to experience the rich and authentic taste of our treats. Collaskins are both traceable and sustainable, prepared in the 500-year-old Newfoundland tradition of slow-drying in the fresh, briny air of Main Brook, located on Newfoundland’s picturesque Northern Peninsula.

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Collaskins are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which promote a shiny, healthy coat of fur.  Additionally, they contain marine collagen, a natural compound known for its potential benefits in relieving symptoms of arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain, lupus and inflammation in both animals and humans.

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sourced and
product from 3F

3F Innovations is a Newfoundland-based company working together with local fishers, farmers, and foresters to extract premium quality, traceable, sustainable, and natural ingredients from by-products that would otherwise go to waste.

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