Crafty Beasts – Fetch Pale Ale “Beer” for pets – Four (4) Cans x 355mL per can


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Ingredients: water, beef, pork, carrot, apple, natural flavour, spices

4 cans x 355mL for $36.00

beef bone broth. alcohol-free, preservative free –

Fetch is a good source of water for pups that aren’t great about drinking it so you can pour a can right in their water bowl. For picky eaters, mix in a little dog brew with their dry, hard food to whet your dog’s palette or splash on a raw food diet. Freeze some in ice cube trays and bring it on hot summer days for a tasty treat.

After a long day, beer lovers enjoy having a cold one while relaxing. Now your pup can have their own canine beverage like Fetch. As a pet owner, you can feel safe knowing dog beer is a natural product with fresh ingredients in dog-friendly flavours. It’s a bonus that the brew is healthy and good for your furry friend, too.


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