Crafty Beasts Unleashed – The Energy Drink for pets – Four (4) Cans x 355mL per can


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Ingredients: Water, Beef, Carrot, Blueberry juice, Natural Flavour, Spices

4 cans x 355mL for $36.00

Unleashed – Pet energy drink is a good source of water for pets and dogs that aren’t great about drinking it so you can pour a can right in their water bowl. For picky eaters, mix in a little dog brew with their dry, hard food to whet your pet’s palette or splash on a raw food diet. Freeze some in ice cube trays and bring it on hot summer days for a tasty treat.

After an active day playing, running and on the trail, active pet parents replenish themselves with hydrating energy drinks. Now your pup can have their own canine beverage like Unleashed. As a pet owner, you can feel safe knowing this energy drink is a natural product with fresh ingredients in dog-friendly flavours. It’s a bonus that the brew is healthy and good for your furry friend, too.


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